Infinite Pay

A digital shopping cart and kiosk point of sale system proof of concept 

Role: Ideation | Designer | Prototyper | Interviewer

Tools: Sketch | Xcode

April - June 2015 

Dean's Choice Award: ICS Student Project Showcase 2015


Patrons spend too much time in line at current point of sale systems due to the need to individually scan items before paying for them. During a ten week course, my team and I partnered with Infinite Peripherals and were tasked with redesigning the current point of sale system many stores use.


Infinite Pay is a two part system that allows users to add items to their digital cart as they shop and then pay at a kiosk when ready to checkout. Using a mobile app, shoppers scan their items and add them to their digital shopping cart. When they are ready to check out the app generates a QR code to be scanned at a point of sale kiosk which transfers over their cart information. From there users can further modify their cart if needed and complete the transaction with payment. 


The focus of this project was to come up with a design concept and develop a minimum viable product. Infinite Peripherals had already conducted research on our target user group and provided us with user needs and design constraints. I and a teammate observed two local grocery stores' point of sale systems and interviewed one sales clerk and one shopper. We determined that the majority of time spent at a checkout station was scanning items one at a time at the cashier before making a payment. Our solution was to help users avoid the bottleneck in line and add their items to a digital cart while they shop via their mobile phone and check out when they're done similar to an online shopping experience.



Design & interaction decisions

1. Allow the user to scan an item automatically as soon as the camera detects a barcode

2. Provide the opportunity to add and remove items via both the mobile and kiosk app

3. Use a QR code to transfer cart information 



The scope of our project was to come up with a design concept and minimum viable product. We focused on the interaction and prototyping the app that users would shop with. In the future, a kiosk companion app needs to be implemented to complete the point of sale. Infinite peripherals continued this case study to develop the rest of the shopping experience.