A digital chart to provide behavioral feedback for students with ASD

My Role: Design|  Ideation |  Prototyping 

Tools: Photoshop | Invision | HTML/CSS

April 2015 Autism App Jam


Behavioral charts are used to help children on the autism spectrum track their behavior at school throughout the day. However, it can be difficult for educators to keep track of students’ progress with a paper chart that is passed between multiple classrooms everyday. The current chart used in a local classroom is ineffective in communicating progress to students and parents or guardians. During a week long autism app jam, my team and I redesigned and developed a digital prototype for the current paper behavioral chart.


Starchart is a digital behavior chart easily accessible by teachers, students and parents or guardians. From within a student profile, teachers can easily add feedback for their specific class, and students and parents can easily daily progress.



With only a short time to understand our user group and design a solution, a couple of team members observed how the paper chart was used in a local classroom and interviewed two teachers about usability issues. 

Take Aways
1. The physical chart is difficult to use because the paper is passed around all day via the kids and then must be brought back from home everyday
2. The kids do not easily understand their behavioral progress from the current chart
3. The new chart needs to be easily understood by teachers, kids and parents